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Lucubrate crash course is a rapid and intense course of study. A crash course in a particular subject is a short course in which you are taught basic facts or skills.

Lucubrate crash course is built on the model of 3x3x3. This means that one crash course has three lessons. Each lesson has three topics. Each Topic has three questions for reflection.

The standard setup for each course:

  • 1 course
  • 3 lessons
  • 9 topics
  • 27 questions

For standard study progress, the Lucubrate crash courses have an estimated timing:

  • one course: 54 minutes
  • one lesson: 18 minutes
  • one topic: 3 minutes
  • one question: 1 minute

This is a general setup. You will find it different from the one course to the other. However, all Lucubrate crash courses should be possible to complete within one hour. All Lucubrate crash courses are built with brief modules. You can do one module today and another module another day.

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